Phone Accessories

EZ Travel and Connect provides phone accessories in North Hollywood. We carry the best cases, pop sockets, screen protectors, and chargers that keep your phone up to speed. We have great phone gear for everyone in the family from the little ones to the adults.

Best Selection of Cell Phone Accessories for You!

EZ Travel and connect has one of the best selections of cell phone accessories for you. Whether you are in need of a new charger, outlet, headset, or cable, we have it!
We are the leading expert providers of reliable and quality accessories for mobile phones. With multiple years of experience in the industry, we are here with all the accessories you’re looking for – any brand, any model, any type at low prices. We’re also a trusted source for cell phone products with the most advanced technologies.

Mobile Phone Accessories at a Fair and Reasonable Price!

Finding quality mobile phone accessories at fair and reasonable prices can be challenging. At EZ Travel and Connect, we are committed to selling top-notch supplies at competitive and budget-friendly prices.
When it comes to finding the best mobile phone accessories in North Hollywood, EZ Travel and Connect has it!

Upgrade your Case or Wireless Charger!

A quality phone accessory can be a great way for you to keep your device out of harm’s way, providing it with the protection it needs from any mishaps that might occur. When you are in need of a new case or wireless charger, you can count on us to have the brand you are looking for.
We have something great for everyone — from executive phone cases to budget phone cases — because we really care about our customers and their needs.

Certified Technicians!

Our technicians are certified, which means they’re able to leave your phone working in top condition.
We’re proud to have experts in this industry who will help you pair your phone accessory with your device within minutes. If you’re looking for phone accessories in north Hollywood and have no idea where to start, our specialists at EZ Travel and Connect are here to help.