Phone Activation Services

Ez travel and connect provides the best phone activation services in North Hollywood. We offer the best services and accessories to offer you with the latest and best deals on the market. Our company offers exceptional service and quality work at affordable prices.
With our family-owned business, we always keep your budget in mind and provide weekly deals to help you save money on your phone activation. We appreciate your time and would like to make our service easy, accessible, and hassle-free. Our services are loved and appreciated by many of our customers.

We Specialize in Phone Activation

If you are searching for phone activations in North Hollywood, then you can rely on us to resolve your device problems in minutes. Our company delivers services and activates all types of networks. Whether it is a Verizon phone activation or Sprint phone activation. We are also specialized in providing outstanding service for AT&T activation on your new phone.
If you want to import your phone number from another carrier to the AT & T network, we can help you with this concern and make sure that you are fully satisfied with us. Our services specialize in all phone activations regardless of the carrier, we will solve your device problems.

Our Expert Technicians

Our professionals are experts in Apple phone activations and Samsung phone activations. If any of your iPhone or iPad’s Wi-Fi or cellular cannot be activated or the SIM card is unsupported. Then bring your device in and we will resolve this problem, our technicians will help you and activate the iPhone and iPad to assure that you are able to use them properly.
Similarly, if you order a new Samsung phone and want to activate or upgrade your existing account on it, our technicians will take only a few minutes to provide you with a solution for your issues.

Best Activation Services

If you are searching for phone activation services near you and want to activate your phone with another network carrier, we can help! Bring us your device and we will offer the best services for your budget. Our company has been serving their customers since 2004. So, don’t hesitate to call you when your phone is in trouble. Connect with us today.